Spend your Weekend Away

Spend your Weekend Away

We all know that rush city life and can’t wait for the weekend to spend some time away from London Life. Here we are giving our top ideas for planning a weekend away from city life and bring back that sparkle to your life.

Book a Cottage

There are lots of cottages available in UK and you can choose from a range of prices. Cottage weekends are best if you plan them once a year and most importantly with your extended family. This could be a cheaper way to spend your weekend if you plan as a group rather than a small family outing. You can also book cottages in Europe and if you are planning to go as couples then this could be perfect to spend your time alone, even though this could work out to be a bit expensive, the experience is definitely worth for the money. If you plan to book a cottage in Europe and need to get to the airport on time you can always pre-book a cheap airport taxi from Low Fare Airport Cars and our drivers will take you there on time without any hassle.

Cruise Vacation

Normally cruise packages are for you to get to a place while enjoying the stay in a cruise, but for a weekend outing, this could be too much. So you can try a cruise to nowhere for a two night get away on a cruise ship that goes nowhere so you can enjoy the ship amenities. Southampton Port is most famous for cruise ships and our Port Transfer Taxi will take you to any port in the UK or transfer from port to port.

Caravan / Tent

If you like to go out regularly on weekends then you can consider buying a caravan and going outside London to caravan parks and spending your nights with your family. As a cheaper option, you can buy camping tents and go camping with your kids on weekends.

Explore your city

No matter how many years you are living in a city, once you are hooked into the busy work life you will never think of exploring your city like other tourists does. So the quickest way to spend your weekend is to look for places within your city to visit and go there with your family.

We hope this post helps you to plan your weekend more effectively and have a safe and sound weekend.